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Monday November 3rd
Amazon and Full Text (9 comments)

Friday April 25th
Openly Informatics and OpenURL Patent (6 comments)

Monday April 7th
FireFly... (4 comments)

Wednesday December 25th
Bookmarklet/LibraryLookup Frenzy (1 comments)

Sunday July 14th
Uptime for /usr/lib/info (1 comments)

Thursday May 23rd
Draft: editorial guidelines for /usr/lib/info (3 comments)

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Amazon and Full Text

By Anonymous Hero, Section News
Posted on Mon Nov 3rd, 2003 at 03:14:12 PM EST

You've probably tried out the new "search inside the book" at amazon.com. Did you notice what happens when you try to print?

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Openly Informatics and OpenURL Patent

By jaf, Section News
Posted on Fri Apr 25th, 2003 at 03:10:06 PM EST
It appears that Openly Informatics, back in 1999, submitted a patent application covering their implementation of an OpenURL resolving service. Eric Hellman from Openly currently sits on the NISO OpenURL standards committee, but only recently did he disclose the fact that Openly was claiming IP rights around implementing the OpenURL standard. It is unclear whether Openly's patent application seeks to cover a broad range of possible resolving implementations, or whether it is specific to Openly's linkbaton system.

Read more below to see NISO's letter concerning this subject, a response to the situation by Eric, and some more commentary.

[editor's note, by jaf] Some corrections - Openly Informatics submitted a patent application covering their linkbaton service, which is in the same space as resolution services that utilize the OpenURL standard. This is a more accurate description than what I originally posted - I apologize for the discrepencies.

Update [2003-4-26 9:15:33 by jaf]: See Eric's Comment clarifying Openly's position

(6 comments, 3284 words in story) Full Story


By hornbeck, Section News
Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2003 at 10:02:17 AM EST

Hello, I would like to let everyone know about a current project I am involved in. FireFly will be a fully Free Software Complete library system. It hopes to challenge Dynix with completness. It is still in the early development stages but is moving along quickly. If anyone would like some more information about the project or if someone would like to contribute information or help with the coding, please visit our project page at Firefly Project page and also feel free to join our mailing list and give input. Thank you, John Hornbeck FireFly Project Leader

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Bookmarklet/LibraryLookup Frenzy

By art, Section News
Posted on Wed Dec 25th, 2002 at 11:34:56 AM EST
Jon Udell's LibraryLookup project is generating a new service seemingly every day. I have been playing with an in-page status feature, though I am more interested in ISSN links than ISBNs (most of our citation databases do not have very seamless links to local holdings). What is so neat about this project is that it is a testimony to the power of blogging, almost everything to do with it has been nurtured in a blog environment.

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Uptime for /usr/lib/info

By jaf, Section News
Posted on Sun Jul 14th, 2002 at 09:21:02 AM EST
In case you've been having a bit of trouble connecting to /u/l/i lately, the University of Arizona Campus (where the server for the machine resides) has been having problems with its firewall over the last week. Basically, all of the campus has had a lot of network downtime. Supposedly the problem had to do with the hardware, and it should be resolved, but I've noticed that there still seem to be intermittent problems. If you can't get to /u/l/i, just try again in 20-30 minutes. Hopefully the campus network people will get this resolved soon.

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Draft: editorial guidelines for /usr/lib/info

By dchud, Section News
Posted on Thu May 23rd, 2002 at 07:10:39 AM EST
I'm working on a set of editorial guidelines for the site, and would very much appreciate some feedback.

(3 comments, 195 words in story) Full Story

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