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A little bit of stuff done today

By jfrumkin, Section Diaries
Posted on Sat May 25th, 2002 at 10:21:22 PM EST
Well, I spent most of the day cleaning my kitchen and then scrubbing and sealing the satillo tile therein (and only got 1 full coat done by the end of the day - ugh. 4 more to go). However, I did do a little bit of work on /u/l/i: First, I tidied up the httpd server and proxy to plug a possible security hole and to try and clean up the caching problem. The caching problem seems a bit better, but still there's some funkiness. Additionaly, I added a step to 'what to do now' - read the editorial guide. I think I'll now go into the dev environment and start working on design stuff - 'cause we've got to look as good as the content we deliver! ;-)


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