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The Web As a Global Desktop (Access Conf. Topic)

By art, Section Events
Posted on Tue Aug 6th, 2002 at 09:00:38 AM EST
Behold the browser, one of the most durable artifacts of the Web. Remember Gopher, WAIS, Hyper-G, and, for that matter, the dozens of alternative clients and browser variations that existed before Netscape and Internet Explorer obliterated almost all other options? The modern web browser has become the conduit to the public face of computing for most organizations. Opera has shown that there is still room for well-behaved browser applications that don't take over the desktop, and browser checking sites still list dozens of browsers that thrive on the fringes of the computing landscape. How much work is it to create web services for alternative browsers and non-PC applications? Where does XML fit in for fueling and managing web sites? What do web designers and information architects need to take into account in order to serve those with disabilities? What hasn't the Web done for libraries, and why not?


This is a starting point for discussion on one of the program sections of the upcoming Access 2002 conference. Scroll down to see any comments that have made on this topic, and remember to Post a Comment if you wish to add to the discussion.
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