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info URI

By kcoyle, Section Standards
Posted on Mon Dec 22nd, 2003 at 01:55:55 PM EST

There have been recent announcements about the development of a URI scheme called "info". This would allow the creation of URIs for some much-needed identifier schemes like LCCN, DOI, PubMed Identifier, etc. There is now a prototype of the info URI Registry and an FAQ that explains many of the details.


The info URI scheme has been submitted as an Internet Draft but it isn't by any means a sure thing that it will be accepted by the IETF. (The draft is: draft-vandesompel-info-uri-01.) There are apparently some tensions in the URN/URI area that have made it hard for new schemes to be added. This was originally proposed as a URN (as I understand the story), but there were objections that could not be overcome, so the proposal is for a URI. That is not without its own problems, i.e. the info URI is not dereferenceable, but there may not have been a real choice.

Why is the info URI important? It is potentially a bridge between the networked world and the legacy world of paper documents. It will allow you to reference a resource that may not be online, as long as it has an identifier in a registered identifier scheme, and to reference resources that reside in any number of proprietary or public databases. Every project today in the library/information space runs into the problem of namespaces; now there may be one we can call our own.

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info URI | 4 comments (4 topical, 0 editorial, 0 pending) | Post A Comment
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