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My new project

By tholbroo, Section Diaries
Posted on Wed Jun 11th, 2003 at 10:50:13 AM EST
My new project is an SFX "clone".  Well, not quite since I don't have access to SFX - I've just seen a few details and their glossy ads.


It's tentatively called CUFTS - don't ask me why, it's just a bunch of letters that can easily be used to stand for whatever we want in the end.  I needed something to call it.  It's basically a full text linking system which can be handle multiple sites in a single installation.

Things are coming along well, I have the basic global "knowledge base" management system up and running and I'm playing with a way to handle the overlaying of local data easily.  The updating process should be much easier than the jake updates were, I hope - mostly because the system will not be doing any matching between title lists from different sources.  All the linking logic has been moved into individual modules for each resource rather than the "complex" templates that jake used.  This lets us do stuff like hit EBSCO's Article Matcher to check for a fulltext link before displaying it to the user.

For once I'm taking the time to make it look nice from the beginning as I've discovered that pretty graphics are at least half of what convinces people to use a system.

Does anyone know of a digital source of journal abbreviations that's free or cheap and covers more than just individual disciplines?  SFX seems to have one but I don't know if they created it themselves or bought one.  If anyone is interested in the system in general and has suggestions, please send me email.

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