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CUFTS status report

By tholbroo, Section Diaries
Posted on Wed Feb 4th, 2004 at 04:43:14 PM EST
CUFTS is now running as the link resolver for about 40 Western Canadian universities and colleges. We're up to about 150 resources (targets in SFX) with 178,000 title list records.


Most of the work over the last few weeks has been in getting new title lists and increasing the depth of linking for resources that are already loaded. This week I got CrossRef lookups working, which gives article level linking for a bunch of big sites (Elsevier, Ingenta, Kluwer, etc.).

Unfortunately, some features that would make it more useful for sites outside of COPPUL are lagging behind. Two main things come to mind: a good OpenURL parser, and a system to determine sites based on IP address. I haven't written these because GODOT is handling those two functions for now. It probably wouldn't take much to rough them in for someone else to fill out though. The end user interface isn't great right now either, since GODOT handles that as well, but I did up an example one which works reasonably well.

Anyway, if anyone wants to play around with it I can give them a test account. If you think you'd find it useful even with the current missing features, I can arrange to package it up for you.

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