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Avanti MicroLCS 1.0 beta 4 is released

By pschlumpf, Section Software
Posted on Thu Jan 27th, 2005 at 09:22:43 PM EST
Avanti Library Systems has released MicroLCS version 1.0 beta 4, a Java based OPAC and cataloging system. Many things have been changed and improved in beta 4, mostly under the hood. Among these are a much simplified installation procedure, a server management console, a simpler architecture and directory layout, and many bug fixes, optimisations and refinements that make this a rock solid release. Also included in this release is AvantiMARC, an application program interface (API) for manipulating MARC records. It is functional but not yet enabled in beta 4, as further refinements are underway and MARC utilities based on AvantiMARC are still under development. AvantiMARC will soon be released separately as a MARC API package under the terms of the LGPL license.

MicroLCS 1.0 beta 4 can be downloaded from http://www.avantilibrarysystems.com/microlcs.html .


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